What is Visual Composer for WordPress?

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What is Visual Composer for WordPress?

WordPress is one of the favourite CMS in the world, because of its simple, customisable themes and an endless list of plugins. WordPress has revolutionised the process of website development with its unique features. Whenever you view a certain website design, which immediately catches your attention with its catchy design-layout, you might be looking to modify your own website to make it appear like that. If you’re a beginner, you won’t be able to do much even with WordPress. The theme modifications require a greater understanding and expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP and other skills depending upon the type of your theme. But even if you’re an expert, still it will take several hours to make required changes to your WordPress website

Visual Composer is one of the best plugins available for WordPress that you can use to create custom pages and designs for your WordPress based website. A page builder plugin, once installed on your WordPress website, allows you to create and edit pages using a visual drag-and-drop interface. This plugin allows you to easily design custom pages through a front-end grid-based layout and you can preview your web page also to check how it looks like while you design it. With visual composer, you can drag-and-drop pieces of content using rows and columns to create your layout to design your WordPress website

Various features of Visual Composer
Visual Composer has many useful features which make page building a very interesting experience in WordPress. Here’s a quick look at some of them.

1. Frontend and backend page building
This unique feature of the plugin enables to build responsive websites without any programming skills or knowledge and lets you control them easily. It also allows checking the display of the content and other elements on a tablet or other mobile devices when we switch between different devices. With this Front End Editor, you can have these features:

  • You can easily add and drag elements around the screen and can create layouts on your WordPress website.
  • As per your website requirements, you can decide the type of elements you wish to add and highlight them with distinct colors to improve the user experience.
  • You can create responsive pages with new design controls for your WordPress site.
  • 2. Universal Theme Compatibility
    One of the most important features of Visual Composer is that it is not theme specific. It means you can use the visual composer with any WordPress theme, without any need to make any changes to the existing code of your WordPress website
    3. Completely responsive elements
    Responsiveness is one of the most important factors for any website which enables to adapt site content and layout according to the device in use. The design and page elements which are created with visual composer are totally responsive and mobile-ready.

    4. The content element of the Visual composer
    i. Rows and Columns:
    Based upon bootstrap technology the Visual Composer uses the rows and columns to design the layout of your pages and post. The rows and columns in responsive layout can shrink down accordingly when viewed on mobile devices. The user can set the column options and can control the gaps between rows and columns, margins, padding, borders, and background.

    There are four basic types of separators styles- border, dashed, dotted, double.
    With the help of Visual composer, you can easily insert the separators to any page or post
    that you want. You have full control of the width, thickness, color, and alignment. Visual
    composer also has a library of shapes and icons, so you can even use these graphics
    separators in your pages.

    iii.Social media buttons:
    There is no need to install a plugin for social media sharing buttons. Visual Composer supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. There is a library of icons in Visual composer that you can use for social media. This way it would make it easy for you to share the websites content on their social media profiles.

    iv. Image Gallery and styles:
    It’s always complicated to style images in WordPress unless you have knowledge of CSS or JavaScript. However, with Visual Composer it is very easy to style your images with squares, roundness, attributes. Apart from styling an image with Visual Composer, you can also create more advanced image galleries in WordPress themes. You can manage your image galleries like you can change the sizes of your galleries, define click events, and apply image filters. In visual composer, there are four gallery layouts which you can use. These are – default, flex slider fade, flex slider slide, and Nivo slider.

    v. Widgetized Sidebar:
    Its very tough to use a widget in WordPress if you have to open the functions.php file and then customize it. With the help of Visual Composer, it is very easy to manage your sidebar widget to the desired location. It uses a drag and drop interface which makes it an easy to move your widgetized sidebars to move around.

    In a nutshell, Visual Composer is very useful for any WordPress framework to make changes and modify your WordPress website using visual elements.

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