Amazon CodeGuru

| By Anil Yadav

AWS CodeGuru is a developer’s tool that offers insightful suggestions to enhance code quality and pinpoint the most expensive lines of code in an application. On Integrating CodeGuru into your current software development workflow to automate code reviews throughout application

Copy data from Azure Storage to a local disk using the Azcopy tool

| By Navneet Kashyap

Step.1 Download Azcopy from Microsoft according to your OS type These files are compressed as a zip file, so extract them at a location Like D:\azcopy_windows_amd64_10.16.2\ Run AzCopy Sample command:- Step.2 Open the storage container from the Azure portal

AWS CloudWatch

| By Webner

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a wide range of cloud-based services for businesses and organizations. One of the key challenges of managing AWS resources is monitoring and managing them effectively. AWS CloudWatch is a monitoring and