Different ways to clear WordPress Cache

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What are the different ways to clear WordPress Cache?

Sometimes WordPress sites load slow or do not load modified content because of cache problems. How to clear the cache of wordpress site or pages? Some methods are explained below:

1. Use the WordPress cache plugins: You can use one of the wordpress cache management plugins for clearing the cache i.e. WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache. It’s easy step for clearing the wordpress site cache. Just install one of the plugins and enable it. After enabling plugin in wordpress on every page clear cache option is enabled automatically. You can clear the cache on individual page or for bulk clear caching, you have to use the plugins setting.

2. Put caching code in wp-config file: You can clear the cache by enabling caching in wp-config file. By using this following code you can clear the cache for the website.

Just put this code in the wp-config file .

3. By clearing the browser cache: Sometimes websites changes are not reflected immediately it is because of caching of website pages, images and url. At that time we have to clear the browser’s cache, so changes of the site reflected immediately. We will be using this technique to see our immediate changes.

4. Check the cached files on server: You can use your ftp client to find and delete the cache files. It is created in a folder named cache. This folder is within the wp-content as follows:


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