zoho creator | How to Lookup Specific Data from a CRM Module

| By Webner

Lookup of a CRM module from Creator Form based on some criteria – One of our clients required lookup to Contacts module in Zoho CRM on a Creator form to select a contact. Lookup to Contacts module can be placed in a Creator form. But the problem is it shows all the Contacts available in Contacts module to user and user needs to search required Contact to select it. Our client wanted to show small number of Contacts only instead of all (basically on the form client also selects an Account and client wanted to show only those contacts which are linked to selected Account). But there is no Zoho supported default way to achieve this since when we create lookup element in Creator form, we can only specify the module name (like Contacts in this case) but we cannot pass any criteria (like Account Name = ‘Steve’). So always all the contacts were displayed.

To solve this problem, we wrote Zoho Deluge code to fetch Contacts for selected Account from Zoho CRM using CRM API and then we showed only those contacts in a dropdown for user to select. Standard lookup cannot achieve this.

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