Zoho Creator | post data to external URL and redirect there

| By Webner

In zoho creator, we have postURL function to post the data to an external URL but it receives a response back instead of transferring control to the external webpage. For redirection Zoho provides openURL function in zoho creator with which we can send the data to another url by passing the parameters in URL and control also gets transferred to that URL. But what if we want to post the data instead of sending in the query string?

To post the data to external site, we need to create a page in zoho creator. In this page we need to create an HTML form whose action attribute will hold the value of external URL that will receive the attributes. In this HTML form we will create 1 hidden field for each key-value pair to be submitted, so we can create as many hidden variables as needed. Only thing which is needed is to click the Submit button of the form which will post data to external site in secure way.

To get data on the external website use standard method to get data from POST request.

For example: In php, we can use


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