WordPress best practices

| By Webner

WordPress is a cms (content management system) which contains different type of content including images, video and text. I think we all need to know about some of the best practices while developing in WordPress.

Before development of a website some of the best practices to follow are these:

1. WordPress site backup:
We all have to make a habit of taking the WordPress site backup because sometimes our one mistake wipes everything away. So we have to use the free backup plugins provided because it is necessary to save a site.

2. WordPress version updates:
We have to make a habit of applying the updates of WordPress versions to protect our site from security vulnerability, hacking of site etc. Upgrading from one version to the next is not very hard. It simply takes one or few clicks.

3. Caching plugins:
We can improve the performance of the site by using the cache plugins. There are a number of free WordPress cache plugins that are available.

4. Choose the themes and plugins from best source:
We have to choose the themes and plugins from the best source because if we choose the themes and plugins from bad source that could contain some malicious code that ruins the whole site.

5. Don’t hard-code stuff:
It’s easy to create and develop a website on WordPress in the wrong way by hard-coding stuff and using it in the unorganized manner. If you hardcode things then you defeat the purpose of WordPress. Learn about best practices for WordPress development.

6. Customize the child themes:
Customize the look and feel of the website by editing in child themes instead of main theme which ensures all the front-end modifications are built in the child theme. That way main theme can be updated easily without overwriting your customizations.

7. Use Managed Hosting:
There are several sites which provide WordPress managed hosting. They provide the security services for the site as well. We have to use the managed hosting for low maintenance headache and for security of the site.

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