Role of Software Developer in Testing

| By Webner

The one who has both qualities of a developer and a tester is known as a professional Software Developer. Most common terms used for such job titles are: SET (Software Engineer in Test) and SDET, (Software Development Engineer in Test). The one who is an IT professional and can work effectively in both development and testing.


1. Basic testing: Developer can test basic functionality before giving the product for testing to testers. This includes: basic functionality of buttons, links along with UI.

2. Check Validations: Developer can also check all possible cases and apply validation rules. For example, check empty fields if “required”, check formats for email fields, phone numbers and show proper error messages for these fields if one will enter wrong data.

3. Unit Testing: Developer can test the functionality by dividing it into small modules. They can test their code for all the valid and invalid inputs. For example, a Name field should accept only a string, an age field only a numeric between 1 and 100 and so on.

4. Code Review: Developer can review their code before they hand over the code to a tester. They can review the code for checking format string exploits, race conditions, memory leaks, and buffer overflows, thereby improving software security.

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