Upgrading Liquid files from 2.x.x to 3.x.x (on new machine)

| By Webner

Below are the steps to migrate liquid files from 2.x (old machine) to 3.x (new machine)

Command on old machine :

# ft migrate

1. Migrate to this system

2. Migrate from this system

3. Cancel

? 2

This will enable you to migrate the data and the configuration from this system
to a new LiquidFiles system. This system be disabled during the migration
to avoid conflicts.

Do you want to continue?


Migration script:

This will enable migration from this system to a new LiquidFiles system.

Stopping web service.

Backing up database for migration.

To migrate from the this system, please run ‘ft migrate’ on the system you
want to migrate to. It will ask you to enter a password. Please enter the
password below:

password: zimphero

When you are done migrating, please enter Ctrl+^ to disable migration
from this system.

Destination System:

Launch the latest version available on AWS community list.
Enter into terminal

On this machine there are few more steps involved before running the `ft migrate` command:

Complete basic installation of the system and Getting Started procedure. Give the Target system the same hostname as the Source system, this will enable you to install the same license as on the source system.

When the Getting Started procedure has completed, please go to Admin → Console Access and set a root password. If there’s a firewall between the system, please make sure that rsync (TCP port 873) is permitted from the target to the source.

#ft migrate

1. Migrate to this system

2. Migrate from this system

3. Cancel

? 1

This migration script will replace all files, configuration and users on this
a system with the one you’re migrating from.

Do you want to continue?


What hostname/ip are we migrating from?

What’s the password listed from the migration script on the source system?


Do you want to replace the ssl certificates with the one from the source?


The connection from here to uses rsync, tcp/873. Please make sure
it’s allowed and that the migration script is running on
Testing connection…
Looks good. Beginning migration in 10s, please hit control-c now if you
want to abort.

How to disable auto-complete?

To set the autocomplete off hint on all password fields in LiquidFiles, please add a Javascript override (in Admin → Branding) like this:

$(function() {
  $('[type=password]').attr('autocomplete', 'off');
  $('#user_email').attr('autocomplete', 'off');

This will turn off password autocomplete hint for all password fields and fields with the id=’user_email’.

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