PHP | Deleting files from local machine (unlink(): No such file or directory)

Assume following is the path on your system in which you want to delete some files through code (unlink function):


Now if we use the same address in source variable (“C:\wamp\www”), it gives the following error:

unlink(): No such file or directory

This is because of \ in the path. To use this we need to escape \ with another \.

$source1= “C:\\wamp\\www\\”;

Sample code:

$source1= "C:\\wamp\\www\\";
if (is_dir($source1)) 
  $files1 = scandir($source1);
  $attachFiles = array_diff($files1, array('.', '..'));
  foreach($attachFiles as $file) // iterate files
   unlink($source1.$file); // delete file
  }//end foreach
	 echo "No such directory";

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