Introducing WordPress versions 4.9.4 and 4.9.5

| By Webner

WordPress Version 4.9.5

WordPress 4.9.5 is released on 3rd April 2018. This version is released to fix the security issues. There were three major security issues which are solved by the WordPress community in this version:

1. Don’t treat localhost as the same host by default.
2. Use safe redirects when redirecting the login page if SSL is forced.
3. Make sure the version string is correctly escaped for use in generator tags.

Following is the list of bugs which are fixed in WordPress 4.9.5:

* The previous styles on caption shortcodes have been restored.
* Cropping on touchscreen devices is now supported.
* Strings of error messages have been updated for better clarity.
* The position of an attachment placeholder during uploads has been fixed.
* Custom nonce functionality in the REST API JavaScript client has been made consistent throughout the code base.
* Improved compatibility with PHP 7.2.

WordPress Version 4.9.4

Following is the list of features which were introduced in 4.9.4:

1. This version helps the developer by introducing codemirror. It is included in the theme editor, plugin editor, custom CSS editor in customizer and custom HTML widgets:

2. It improves theme browsing experience. In this version, user can browse through installed and themes and can preview, download and activate themes directly from the customizer:

3. The new version adds a new button in Text Widget. The name of the new button is Add Media. Using this button user can easily select or upload an image directly inside the text widget:

4. This new version enhances the code editing experience. Previous version, there were plain text boxes and they did not act like a code editor. WordPress changed this by adding syntax highlighting, code suggestions:

5. It introduced a new way of saving changes in the customizer. There are two options in which user can save his changes and these options are save as draft and schedule. These options help site admin to discard any changes and can restore the customizer:

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