Creating a Lightning Custom Page/App

| By Webner

We can access different features of Salesforce on a single page by building a custom Lightning App:

1. Multiple features of salesforce on one page
2. Custom homepage
3. Edit layout of objects like adding tabs, flows, hierarchy etc.

Steps to Create a custom page or app are as follows:

1. Open Setup
2. Expand sub menu User Interface
3.Open Lightning App Builder Option in User Interface:

4. Click on New:

5. There are 3 types of custom pages:

* App Page
* Home Page
* Record Page

6. Below screens are displayed when we click on the type of these page :

1. App Page:

2. Home Page:

The same screen appears for this page type as it does for App page.

3. Record Page:

7. After completing the previous step this screen will be displayed for each type. Here you can select template with different design.

1. For App page and Home Page:

2. For Record page:

Note: In clone salesforce default page, we can select the default Salesforce page

8. After selecting page design, drag and drop items which you want to display on the page:

9. Click on Save.

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