Error:Lightning components request My Domain

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Handling Error : Lightning components

I had created a lightning application but while running it I was getting this error:

Error :  Lightning components request My Domain. Please contact your System Administrator for more information.

Solution:  To use Lightning application and resolve the above issue first you need to setup domain in Salesforce organization. It is mandatory to have a custom domain setup in salesforce to use lightning application.This is a four step process that is:

  1. Choose Domain Name
  2. Domain Registration Pending
  3. Domain Ready for testing
  4. Domain Deployed to Users (this step is mandatory if you want to run lightning application)


Step 1: Choose Domain Name

Go to Setup -> My Domain (screenshot below).
Lightning components

 Select your domain name and verify it . If the selected domain is available to use, you can register your domain.

Step2 : Domain Registration Pending

To Register domain click on the “Register Domain” button.

After you click “Register Domain” button, Salesforce takes a few minutes to update its naming registries. We will get an email when it’s done.

Step 3: Domain Ready for testing

After getting email, your domain is ready for testing. You will get an email from salesforce support account with below text.
Lightning components

Step 4 : Deploy domain to users.

This is the last step which should be their to run your lightning application.

Go to Setup – > My domain -> Deploy to users

Now click preview button in your lightning application to view output.

It will show the component output instead of the error message.

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