Cannot Start Apache Service

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It’s a common problem while starting XAMPP, especially for Skype users. The default port used by both Skype and Apache is 80. In order to use both of them you should change the port number for one of them.

Here are the steps:

Changing Skype Port:

1. Go to: Skype -> Tools -> Options ->Advanced settings -> Connection.
2. Deselect “Use port 80 and 443 for additional incoming connections”.
3. Change port to some other number (like port 90).

Changing Apache Port:

1. Go to: C:xamppapacheconf.
2. Open file: httpd.conf.
3. Find line: Listen 80.
4. Change 80 to any other number (example: 8080).
5. Save and restart Apache service.

If you change Apache port to 8080, in browser you should type localhost:8080 now to access Apache.

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