Accessing webserver over LAN (Linux+windows)

Author - Webner

On one machine having SuSE 10.2 OS, I am running Jboss app server 4.2. By default it runs http server on port 8080. I was able to access it from browser using URL. But I was not able to access it using LAN IP ( in this case) from same machine or from any other machines over LAN. I checked SuSE firewall, opened port 8080 for internal zone, also allowed http service, but still I had no luck.
Then after spending lot more time and tricks, I came across this.

netstat -ant | grep 8080

showed port 8080 bound to interface. It did not show 8080 bound to That was the problem. To access http server using LAN IP I had to bound it to port 8080. In case of Jboss this is done by providing flag -b to script.

./ -b

This solved the problem. Note that you still have to open http port for internal zone in case you are not running http service on default port 80.

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