Zoho CRM | Reduce API call consumption

This is a simple idea to reduce API calls consumption when you pull data from Zoho CRM into an integrated piece of code (like server side code in PHP or Java that connects to Zoho CRM to retrieve records). In one of the projects we were working on, we had to read records on the server side from a CSV file, then pull records from Zoho CRM, compare data in CSV file with that retrieved from Zoho and then correspondingly either insert new records found in CSV into Zoho CRM or update existing records in Zoho CRM. As the number of records in Zoho were large (in excess of 40000), and since Zoho gives only max 200 records in single call, so large number of API calls were being wasted along with slow performance in performing this operation.

To do this in better way we changed the mechanism. We installed Mysql database server on the machine where PHP code was running on server side and we started to keep Zoho records in the database. Everytime script runs now, it retrieves MAX timestamp from Mysql database table and retrieves only those records from Zoho CRM which were modified after this timestamp (you have to take care of timezone difference between Zoho and Mysql to make sure comparison is correct). In this way, considering we run the script daily, out of 40000 Zoho records only those records are retrieved which are modified in last 24 hours, hence a lot less. Then we keep the latest data from Zoho in our database table so that next time script find the latest data in Mysql table. This is a simple idea that may help you reduce API call consumption as it has done in our case.

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