WAMP | Not starting after SSL setup

| By Webner

Problem: After importing SSL certificate files to the server where the CSR was generated, Wamp was failing to start.

Solution: This problem occurs because passphrase does not match the given csr key. The solution is before sending the ssl CSR file to the provider make sure CSR file should be without the passphrase.

The process for creating the SSL key is as follows:

Note: These days ssl keys are generated using 2048 bit or more for more complex level of encryption instead of 512 or 1024 bit.

#openssl genrsa -des3 -out aaa.key 2048

At this point it is asking for a passphrase so enter passphrase for aaa.key.

Here is how to remove it:

#openssl resa -in aaa.key -out new.key

Now following command will create the .csr file:

#openssl req -new -key new.key -out aaa.csr
Next, you will typically send t
his aaa.csr file to your registrar. In turn, your registrar will provide you with the .crt (certificate) file, which will be without the passphrase. Now you copy the .crt file to the location which is given in the httpd.conf file (in case of apache) and you will be done. Next time you restart the web server it should pick https protocol.

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