Validate and deploy changeset in Salesforce Production Org

Author - Anjana Devi

How to validate/deploy a changeset with specific test cases in Salesforce Production Org?

Steps to create and deploy a Change Set:

In Sandbox:
1. Search Outbound ChangeSet in Quick Find Box in Sandbox Org. Then click on new button to create an Outbound ChangeSet. Following window will open:
Salesforce Developers

2. After saving the ChangeSet. It’ll open the new window in which you can add the contents (VF Pages, Apex Classes etc.) that you want to deploy onto the Production:
Salesforce Developers

After adding the content list, click on Upload button to upload this changeset onto the Production Org.

In Production Org:

3. Search Inbound ChangeSet in Quick Find Box. Open the ChangeSet that you have created in the Sandbox Org. Then click on the Validate/Deploy button as shown below image:
Salesforce Developers

4. Select Run specific tests option and add the name of specific test classes in the box as shown in below image and then click on Validate/Deploy button to validate all code onto the Production.
Salesforce Developers

In this way you can deploy the code with specific test cases in Production Org.

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