Utmost Web Development Trends to Embrace in 2020

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Trends in Web Development

Given that eCommerce, content creation, startup development and other industries are saturated with competitive brands, developing a worthwhile website in 2020 is pivotal for success. Whether you’re a web development professional or are looking for ways to enhance your business’ website, 2020 surely features several trends worth embracing. According to Tech Jury, 48% of people cite web design as the decisive business credibility factor, with 94% expressing distrust toward websites with poor UX.

Speaking of UX, data published by Hosting Tribunal claims that up to 90% of users will continue using a website if it’s consumer-friendly. With 543 million active websites as of 2020, embracing new web trends to meet user expectations becomes a priority for developers and business owners alike. That being said, let’s dive into some of the utmost web development trends to embrace in order to achieve success and high end-user satisfaction.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

    When it comes to web development trends of 2020, it’s all about versatility and open-ended user interactions. Progressive web app (PWA) development introduces a new set of possibilities to developers by allowing for dynamic websites that act like native mobile apps.

    PWA websites are innovative and disruptive, costing less time and resources to develop which works well for both business owners and web developers. The PWAs of 2020 can be developed via HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular and React, with more technologies being added as trends develop over time. Websites that focus on eCommerce and online sales through platforms such as Salesforce will benefit from PWA as it will encourage customer retention.

  2. Responsive Optimization

    Continuing the path of versatility and UX, responsive design has come to the forefront of web development as a leading trend to look out for. With millions of people transitioning toward mobile devices, laptops and tablets, web developers have the task of meeting and even exceeding their expectations.

    As such, building websites and platforms with responsive UI elements in mind is a norm worth embracing sooner rather than later. Combined with writing platforms like Grab My Essay, Readable and TopEssayWriting which allow for formatting and editing of UI text, responsive optimization can work wonders. Not only will the overall appreciation and retention of your web project become better, but it’s ranking in SERP will also follow suit due to accessibility.

  3. Native Chatbot Integration

    In order to meet the high demand for customer servicing and Q&A, eCommerce and other platforms have opted to integrate chatbot algorithms into their websites. This is a good trend to lean on since it allows business owners to delegate customer servicing duties to pre-programmed algorithms that are available 24/7. As a result, businesses can enjoy better UX appeal, higher user engagement and subsequent revenue generation.

    In terms of web development, learning how to integrate chatbots and set up their dialogue trees for your clients is a welcome skill to have. Chatbot AI works well in tandem with Salesforce platforms, PWA, or any form of cloud-based service website your clients may require in 2020.

  4. Accelerated Mobile Pages

    As we’ve previously mentioned, far more people use smartphone devices to access the web compared to their desktop counterparts. That being said, Google (as an SEO trendsetter) has made it its mission to encourage accelerated mobile page (AMP) web development. This means that web developers should embrace lightweight website design solutions and avoid unnecessary motion graphics, plugins, heavyweight themes and other disruptive elements. Making your web development projects as light and fast as possible for instantaneous load times is what the AMP trend is all about.

    Brian Avery, Head of Web Development at ClassyEssay spoke on the topic recently: “Users typically give websites a few seconds to load on average. Once those precious seconds have passed, they will actively seek different platforms to buy products from or engage with due to sheer accessibility. Thus, trimming those extra seconds from your website’s load time is one of the most pivotal web design tasks of 2020.”

  5. Voice Search Implementation

    Given the increased emphasis on accessibility, voice search has become an important web development trend to keep an eye out for. According to Search Engine Land, nearly 50% of users rely on voice for web browsing, with 118 million smart voice devices in US in 2019.

    Integrating a voice-enabled browsing experience into your web development projects can significantly increase their UX and overall appeal on the global market. You can combine voice-search features with smart, keyword-centric UI writing through platforms such as Best Essay Education, Evernote and Supreme Dissertations to name a few. In addition, SERP and SEO search ranking are highly welcoming of voice-enabled websites given their accessibility, making this trend a certain learning investment in 2020.

  6. Motion UI Design

    One of the major points of contention among website owners is how to increase user dwell time and overall retention rates in an affordable manner. Moreover, the constant use of social media platforms and instant messaging apps have desensitized users from spending too much time in any one place.

    This is where motion UI and dynamic website browsing come into play as a way to mitigate attention spans and allow for more unique UX. Web elements such as parallax design, content overlay, animated transitions and original style guides and color palettes are some of the things to try out. When it comes to innovative internal browsing and out-of-the-box thinking, 2020 is an open book, so make sure to test motion UI solutions constantly.

To Summarize

In terms of web development trends, the current year has been favorable to both developers and business owners with its emphasis on UX-first design. The more accessible, lightweight and pro-consumer your web development project is the higher SERP ranking and user base it will have as a result.

Give each of the above-discussed trends a shot and see how they fare against your personal experience with web development and user-centric design. Some trends might work well in eCommerce, others might be appropriate for company websites – don’t stop innovating and your audiences will thank you for it.

Bio: Melanie Sovann is a professional content creator and editor at Trust My Paper writing service. Her career goals are centered on bringing up-to-date content to readers across the globe in a variety of digital-first industries. In her spare time, Estelle enjoys learning about design, as well as cooking for her friends.

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