Why Salesforce Customization is becoming common among businesses?

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Salesforce CRM

CRMs have become quite basic in almost all businesses in order to achieve business goals, manage client relationships, generate leads, enhance sales pipeline and get a competitive edge. Salesforce is a well-known CRM among many others which is being used by many kinds of businesses all over the globe. But as we know, every business has its own requirements then how come Salesforce is fulfilling different requirements of every business? The answer is simply the Salesforce Customization Services. Salesforce Customization services offer customizations that meet the specific requirements of different businesses.

For example, if the number of fields required for the sales pipeline in a business is more than the number of fields available, only customizing Salesforce platform can help the business to fulfill the requirements. Another important factor for considering Salesforce Customization services is that the use of mobile phones and tablets to access the internet has increased by a lot. In order to cop up with this increasing trend of mobile usage, businesses must adopt the mobile platform. Nowadays, almost all businesses want their associated Salesforce apps to be mobile-friendly and good looking. Moreover, some businesses want to implement machine learning and deep learning so that their marketing team could get detailed and latest views of clients and sales. Common services offered by Salesforce Customization Services:

Salesforce Consultation

Salesforce customization services offer to optimize Salesforce implementation to make full use of the Salesforce platform. Salesforce customization services providers collaborate with their clients to gather information about their business standards and requirements. After that, they develop strategies for the implementation of Salesforce in the client’s business.

Custom Mobile App Development

Many Salesforce customization services have experience in using the Salesforce Platform for mobile application development. Salesforce developers use the Lightning Platform to build dynamic, mobile-friendly and responsive Salesforce web applications. These developers design, build and deploy mobile applications for using the Salesforce Mobile app development platform.

Custom UI/UX Designing

Salesforce customization services also provide UI/UX development to improve the overall look and experience. They have experienced UI/UX developers who can build useful and attractive UI/UX for any Salesforce implementation. Along with desktop UI/UX development, custom UI and UX can be deployed for Salesforce mobile instance also.

Salesforce Integration

Another service offered by Salesforce customization services is Salesforce integration. These service providers have experts who integrate Salesforce with various systems like email platforms, sales and marketing automation tools, and even tools other than CRM. Integrating Outlook allows viewing Salesforce data directly in Microsoft Outlook. The integration of social media platforms can also be done by these experts.

AI Implementation

Customizations have increased the success rate of businesses. Salesforce customization services now offer AI implementation in Salesforce as well. This implementation helps to predict and recommend after learning from customer interactions, data, etc. Some of the predictions that may be made using this AI implemented Salesforce are: hot leads that have a high possibility of turning into clients and which leads can become loyal clients. Also, it can be used to find the reason behind the dissatisfaction of a client. Patterns of customer behavior can help predict the figures for sales in the near future.


Salesforce customization services can also bring Visualforce pages to the Salesforce platform. These service providers have experts in lightning and custom UI. Salesforce customization services use Visualforce to control which elements appear, how do elements appear, and build reusable and dynamic interfaces. The way of interaction of the user interface with users(like what happens on click of a button) can also be defined by using Visualforce.

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