Using Donut Pie Charts in Tableau

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How you can create a Donut Pie Chart in Tableau Pie Charts

Problem : Feature of Donut Pie Chart is not available in Tableau.

Solution : Donut pie-charts are good looking graphs that explains clearly that bigger the slice, the more of that particular data was gathered. So you can easily decipher which data is more important to your audience than others.

Here are steps that we can follow to create Donut Pie-Charts in Tableau

Step 1: Simply create a pie chart

1. Connect to any sample data (State Vs Population in this Example).

2. Now, under Marks, select the Pie mark type.

3. Drag the Dimension like Union Territory to Color.

4. Drag Measures like Population to Size.

5. Click on Label, and then select Show mark labels. This will display the Population on the each colored section of Dimension selected (Union Territory in this case)

6. Click on Entire View in menu, and resize the pie chart as desired.

Step 2: Generating a similar Pie Chart using Dual Axis Chart

1. Drag Number of Records to Rows.

2. Drag Number of Records to Rows again.

3. On Rows, right-click both instances of Number of Records, and then select Measure(Sum) > Minimum.

Do same for the other Number Of Record

4. On Rows, right-click the second instance of Number of Records, and then select Dual Axis.

Step 3: Overlapping Pie Chart over another and making one a Circle

1. At the bottom of the Marks card, click MIN(Number of Records) (2).

2. Remove Union Territory from Color.

3. Remove Population from Size.

4. Click Color, and then choose the same color as the background. In this example, click white.

5. Click Size, and then drag the slider to the left to make the circle smaller.

6. Drag Population to Label.

7. Right-click on each of the axes and uncheck Show Header.

8. Right-click on the Sheet and select Format

9. Click Lines and Remove Grid line from Rows.

10. Here is the final Donut Pie Chart in Tableau

This is how you can create a Donut Pie Chart in Tableau. You can also add Union Territory to Labels for a better clarification, dragging Union Territory to Label.

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