Using Developer Console in Salesforce

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Executing Apex code in the developer console

Login to Salesforce and switch to classic and click Developer Console
Developer Console trialhead

  1. Click to debug -> and click “Open Execute Anonymous Window” or Ctrl/E
    Developer Console editor
  2. Write code in the window and execute as following
    Developer Console apex
  3. After executing the code log will be created every time and if you will click the log it will open the logs directly.
    Developer Console editor2
  4. To open logs double click on it also we can open multiple logs at the same time for result comparison
  5. View results in the console
    After opening the log you will see a log that will contain lots of information and you will find some checkboxes under an opened log that will help to filter the logs.

    In the above screen, I only selected the debug log check box, So it will display debug log statements. Also by clicking on other checkboxes, you can differentiate log results.
  6. By using Developer Console we can also create/open classes, triggers, pages, and static resources.
  7. Also we can see code coverage of classes & triggers and run test classes, clear test data and run abort test class execution.

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