Totara | How to enroll audience to Course/Program

| By Webner

Problem: I want to enroll audience in course/program and I do not know that how we can enroll audience in course/program. To enroll audience in course/program, I have followed the below steps:

1.Click Audiences link. To click on Audience link go to
Site Administration>Users>Accounts>Audiences:

2. After clicking Audiences, click on Add New Audience button:

3. Now create audience.
4. After creating the audience, page will be opened where you have to add users in audience. You can search users by their name:

5. Select the user which you want to add in the audience:
6. After adding the users, click on “Enrolled Learning” button and here you can add a course/program in which you want to enroll the audience. See below screenshot:

7. On clicking “Add Course” button a pop up is displayed and here you can select and move courses from left to right and on clicking Save button those courses is displayed in the list:
8. Now open the course any two and you will see the user that we had selected are displaying info:

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