Totara | How to create new audience, add members to audience and create learning Paths

| By Webner

In Totara, we can group individual users as “Audience”. This can be done for the users who need to share same learning paths (Courses and Programs). This means we can create an audience and then add users as members to the audience. After that add courses and programs to this audience.

Creating Audience in Totara:

1. Navigate to Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Audiences.
2. Click on “Add new audience” button. Then enter the required information and save the audience.
3. Screen shot below:

Adding members to Audience:

1. Open any of the audience records and then navigate to “Edit members” tab as shown below:

2. On this screen, we can add or remove members to the audience by using “Add” or “Remove” buttons.

Adding Courses and Programs to Audience (Create learning path):

1. To add courses or programs to the audience, click on the “Enrolled learning” tab in the audience. It will open the screen as shown below:

2. We can add courses or programs by clicking the “Add courses” or “Add programs” button.

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