Salesforce – Using dataloader on Linux

| By Webner

If you work on Linux and you want to upload data to Salesforce from a Linux machine, you cannot use dataloader as it is Windows based program. Besides you need to install it on your machine and you also need credentials and security token of the Org to which you want to upload data.

Solution :

Use which is a web based application to upload data to Salesforce Org.

With free we get :

1.  Import, export and delete from Salesforce up to 50,000 records per month.
2. Manage your files on remote or local servers using Dropbox, Box and FTP.
3. Automate your tasks using daily schedules.
4. Use e-mail notifications to get the result of your tasks in your inbox.
5. Accessible from any operating system.
6. Accessible from any browser.
7. free allows you to import/delete information using files of up to 10MB per file.
8. free supports connectivity to a single Salesforce account. It also depends upon type of subscription.
9.login automatically if you are logged into your salesforce account.
10. Quick way to search fields and objects to export and import.

So if we have to Import, export and delete from Salesforce up to 50,000 records per month then we can use which is easily accessible from any browser and any operating system.

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