Heroku | Run Cakephp Code as Cron Job

| By Webner


The requirement was to run CakePHP controller action as cron job on Heroku. In order to achieve this you need to schedule this action so that it runs at specific time intervals on Heroku.
To run the code you need to add Heroku scheduler in Heroku app. The scheduler accepts the cake command and shell file name to run the cron job. The problem we were facing was when we run the code directly from browser using the url it used to run successfully. But when we were trying to run it from scheduler using the cake command it was not able to connect to database.


While looking into the problem we found that the parameters that are required for cakephp to connect to database were not accessible to the database.php script. Since we were retrieving the database details from heroku app url, and while we run the app from command line using cake command it was not invoking any url and hence not able to retrieve these database parameters. For resolving the database connection issue with cake command line, we manually passed the database parameters in database.php file and the connection issue was resolved.

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