Salesforce Data Loader

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Data Loader is used to import or export data in bulk. Use it to export, delete, update, or add records to Salesforce.

The client application known as Data Loader must be downloaded directly to the desktop from the Data Management sidebar. A command line interface or user interface can be used to specify the data to be loaded (Windows machine only).

  1. Data Loader can load up to 5 million / 50 lakh records and is used to bulk import, update, or export data.
  2. It supports all Standard/Custom objects.
  3. CSV files are used for import and export, with each row representing a record and each column representing a field.
  4. Workflow rules, validation rules, and processes will perform; they must be actively turned off before a data import job as they are not optional.
  5. It provides complete CSV-formatted success and error log files.
  6. Support for Mac & Windows.
  7. It supports Web Server OAuth Authentication for extra security.

Primary Functions of Data Loader

The data loader performs the following four primary functions:

  1. Update new data
  2. Insert
  3. Delete
  4. Export

Users can add new data to Salesforce by inserting it. Anyone can update current data using the update function. Data that is no longer needed can be deleted, and users can export data from Salesforce as CSV files. Additionally, it is possible to ‘hard delete’ Salesforce data, which entirely deletes everything, as well as simultaneously insert and edit information.

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