Create a site with Salesforce experience cloud

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Following are the steps to create a site with Salesforce experience cloud:

  1. Login To salesforce
  2. In the quick search box find All sites and click on the New button.Salesforce experience cloud
  3. Select the template as per your requirement. I am using the Insurance Agent portal.
    Template selection
  4. Click on the get started button.
    Get started Button
  5. Enter on name and Url and click on Create button
    Create button
  6. After clicking create button it will take some time and you will land on the following screen then click on Builder.
    Builder: Salesforce experience cloud
  7. Publish your site and it will give you an URL to login. To login with the same credentials you are using to login to salesforce you should allow a setting from administration as below.
    Login URL
  8. After clicking on administration click on Login and Registration. Tick the check box to allow login employees to directly to an experienced cloud.
    Login and administration
  9. You can change the theme and color font from the following screen left side panel.
    Change theme and color
  10. You can customize the homepage of the site using the visualforce page too like in the below screen. The visualforce page should be created before selecting from the following screen.
    Customize home page

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