Moodle Windows installation using XAMPP | Common Issues

| By Webner

Common Issues faced during Moodle Windows installation using XAMPP

1. Do not have permissions to create a database or MySQL database is too old.

Xampp uses the Mariadb database (based upon MySql), if during installation above issue occurs then:

a. go to the c:\xampp\htdocs\moodlel\config.php file 
b. Change the database line to $CFG->dbtype = 'mariadb';

2. After installation, an error comes “This webpage has a redirect loop” error

After fresh installation of moodle sometimes it redirects to http://localhost/moodle/admin/index.php?cache=1 and a blank screen appears.

To resolve this issue: Delete all the data from moodledata folder, then try to open localhost/moodle in your browser.

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