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Internet has totally changed the face of communication and how we do things and sending greeting cards is not an exception to this. There are roughly hundreds of ways to express your feelings to someone who is special to you, however there is nothing like an actual greeting card to make someone feel special. Now a days it is easy to just go to an e-greeting site and send a greeting card to your loved ones online. But won’t it be even better if you could go to a website with content and cards in your local language? is such kind of website for Spainish community.

Do you know Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with approximately 414,000,000 (Four Hundred and Fourteen Million) speakers as compared to English with approximately 335,000,000 (Three Hundred and Thirty Five Million) speakers worldwide.

Tarjetasvirtuales is an excellent website if you are looking to send free online greeting cards, online invitations or creating events in Spanish language. It has got one of the most attractive and lucrative collection of cards for every auspicious occasion such as birthdays, christmas, halloween, marriage anniversary, mother’s day, children’s day, all designed in Spanish. Unlike snail-mail greeting card which consumes days to deliver, Tarjetasvirtuales delivers it instantly via email. Not only this, Tarjetasvirtuales allows you to customize your greeting card with a personal note.

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Tarjetasvirtuales is not only about greeting cards, it also allows you to send invitations for the upcoming events. Be it your birthday, housewarming, bachelors party, baby shower or you can simply create multiple events and send invitations. All you need to know is name and email id of the person you want to send greeting card or invitation to. For example, you plan to watch the latest movie or that football final match (which you were eagerly waiting for) on TV and want to watch it with your friends, with Tarjetasvirtuales, you can create an event under Movie/TV night and send invitations to your friends. They will receive the invitation to attend the event with three buttons Accept, Decline and Maybe so that you can know check the status of who all are coming.

It does not end here itself. There is more you can do like login to the site and check history of events created by you, add special dates to your own calendar, select recipients from an Address Book while sending a greeting or invitation which automatically shows the list of previous recipients to you to whom you had greeted or invited in the past from Tarjetasvirtuales

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