How to be a good Technical Writer

In software development world, technical writers are those who write about technology, software manuals, “How to” guides etc. They gain understanding of the complex products and explain them in a precise manner to the target audience. Technical writers put themselves in place of the end user which helps them to understand end user’s perspective, allowing them to be writing what others need to know. A technical writer can be called as someone who acts as a bridge between developers and end users.

To become a good technical writer you need to be:

Passionate: about writing.
Read: More you read, the better you get.
Creative mind: Stronghold on English as most of the technical documentation is carried out in English. There is no need to use complex words in your writing when you can write the same thing using simpler words. Technical writers write to inform, not impress.
Technical sense: Remember, if you are not able to understand the product, you may end up writing what the product does not do.
Never assume things on your own: If you have any doubt ask straightaway from developing the team.

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