Introduction to Heroku

Heroku is an all-in-one cloud based platform which allows software developers to develop and host applications over Heroku cloud. The company was setup in June 2007 which initially supported Ruby programming language. Later on, support for other programming languages such as Node.js, Java, PHP, Python, Scala, Go, Clojure was added which helped in spreading the popularity of Heroku in software industry.

How Heroku made life of developers easier?

  1. Helps developers to focus on building applications instead of deployment infrastructure details. Deploying applications is easier and cost effective than traditional method on Heroku. It cuts down the cost of infrastructure.
  2. Minimal system administration required.
  3. Keeps the applications running 24/7.
  4. When end users of the application increase, Heroku allows scaling by adding more dynos/virtual processors as required.

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