Heroku – Find out database backup retained limit

| By Webner

To see the database backup retained limit see the steps followed below:

1. Login into heroku.

2.Now click the database you are using. As you can see in the below screenshot database name is Heroku Postgres – Charcoal and it is Hobby Basic and it is purchased with $9.00:

3. Click on Add-ons:

4. Now click on “Heroku Postgres”:

5. As you can see on the second row in first column our database Plan name is “Hobby Basic”, click on this:

6. After clicking on this, scroll down and here you can see that you can retain only 5 PGBackups. After creating 5 backups, you have to delete one backup of the database:

For retaining more PG database backups, you have to delete any backup. You can delete very first PG backup.

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