Eclipse | How to change or recover Secure Storage Password for Eclipse Kepler

| By Webner

When we add Salesforce project to Eclipse sometimes it asks for ‘Secure Storage Password’. You can try to enter your system password. If it doesn’t works you can change or recover ‘Secure Storage Password’. According to office eclipse documentation.

The secure storage saves data in an encrypted form. On some operating systems, it uses your operating system account information to provide a single sign-on experience.

Follow these steps to change ‘Secure Storage Password’:

1.  In Eclipse go to Window-Preferences.

2. Click on ‘General’ on the left side.

3. Click on ‘Security’ and goto ‘Secure Storage’ from the list.

From here you can change or recover ‘Secure Storage Password’ by clicking on ‘Change Password’ or ‘Recover Password’ button.

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