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Linux | Installation of custom AWS metrics script & prerequisites for AMI

Author - Navneet Kashyap

1.  Login to Amazon Linux-AMI / Centos / RedHat:

Using ssh

2.  To Upgrade from a previous version of the scripts:
# sudo yum install perl-DateTime
3.  To install the scripts for the first time:
# sudo yum install perl-DateTime perl-Sys-Syslog perl-LWP-Protocol-https
4.  Download & Unzip Read more…

ACORD Forms autofill

Author - Webner

We get this request from a lot of clients in US insurance industry who want to generate ACORD forms automatically, means they want data of corresponding insurance Policy and other objects filled automatically in the editable ACORD PDF. Most of the clients have their data in a CRM system like Read more…

Salesforce | Visualforce Component to AWS S3

Author - Webner

Description :

To access the features provided by amazon for storage and cloud computations from a visualforce component , the S3 service uses information from the form’s input fields to authorize uploads, and to set the properties of uploaded file objects.

To get Authorised make sure you got the object and Read more…

Introduction to LMS Report v1.0

Author - Webner
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While we continue to develop multi-tenant cloud based systems based on leading LMS software like (Moodle, Totara, Blackboard to name a few) for our clients, we have started to launch our own mobile apps related to the same. First such app recently launched by us on Android Playstore and Read more…

Importance of Website for Business – Part 1

Author - Webner

Changing times need change in business strategies. Today’s business strategies and processes are far different from the strategies which were used in past. Earlier people used to rely on newspapers classifieds or references but now huge mass types it into Google search engine for their needs. There are many Read more…