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| By Anil Yadav

AWS CodeGuru is a developer’s tool that offers insightful suggestions to enhance code quality and pinpoint the most expensive lines of code in an application. On Integrating CodeGuru into your current software development workflow to automate code reviews throughout application development, continuously track the performance of applications in use, and provide visual cues and recommendations on how to enhance code quality, accelerate applications, and lower overall costs.
During the development of an application, CodeGuru Reviewer employs machine learning and automated reasoning to uncover critical flaws, security holes, and difficult-to-find problems and offers suggestions to enhance the quality of the code.
By assisting developers in understanding the behavior of their applications during runtime, locating and eliminating code inefficiencies, enhancing performance, and drastically lowering compute costs, CodeGuru Profiler enables them to locate an application’s most expensive lines of code.

Working of CodeGuru

To enhance code quality and enhance application performance, incorporate CodeGuru Reviewer and Profiler into your development pipeline.

  1. AWS CodeGuru Reviewer: CodeGuru Reviewer automates code reviews using machine learning and automated reasoning, AWS, security best practices, and lessons acquired from millions of code reviews on thousands of open-source and Amazon repositories. It is trained on decades of knowledge and experience. It finds difficult-to-find flaws and vulnerabilities in Java and Python code and makes suggestions for how to fix them.
    You can link your current code repositories on GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, or AWS CodeCommit in the CodeGuru dashboard to start reviewing code.


    • Catch code problems before they hit production: With no further modifications to their development process, developers commit their code to GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Cloud, and AWS CodeCommit for code reviews and add CodeGuru Reviewer as one of the code reviewers. CodeGuru Reviewer analyzes the repository’s existing code bases, finds difficult-to-find errors and serious problems with high accuracy, makes perceptive recommendations for how to fix them, and establishes a baseline for future code reviews.
    • How to fix security vulnerabilities: To increase the security of your code, the CodeGuru Reviewer Security Detector makes use of automated reasoning and years of security expertise from AWS. Assuring that your code adheres to best practices for AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2), application programming interfaces (APIs), common Java or Python crypto, and TLS (Transport Layer Security)/SSL (Secure Socket Layer) libraries, it enables you to integrate security reviews directly into your application development CI/CD processes via a GitHub Action. Security Engineers can concentrate on architectural and application-specific security best practices when the security detector identifies a problem and recommends remediation along with an explanation of why the code enhancement is advised.
    • Proactively improve code quality with continuous monitoring: Every time a pull request is started, CodeGuru Reviewer automatically analyzes the incremental code changes and offers suggestions on the pull request. It also enables code due diligence programs to make sure your code quality is constant and full repository or code base scans for periodic code maintainability. You may incorporate CodeGuru Reviewer into your CI/CD pipelines as well. The AWS Console or the user interface of your CI/CD provider are both good places to view your code quality and security recommendations after configuring it to run on a pull, push or scheduled run of your pipeline.
  2. AWS CodeGuru Profiler: The CodeGuru Profiler locates the most expensive lines of code and optimizes performance for applications running in production. It constantly looks for opportunities to improve program performance, offering suggestions for how to do so while lowering CPU usage and associated expenses.
    Any application operating on Amazon EC2, Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, Amazon EKS, AWS Lambda, or locally can have its performance optimized.


    • Troubleshoot performance issues: To help you optimize CPU and memory usage and diagnose performance issues, CodeGuru Profiler analyzes the runtime data of your program, improving latency and throughput. It operates continuously in production with little CPU overhead. Get to the bottom of what is using your RAM with a heap summary.
    • Discover anomalies and common issues in your application performance: With updated anomaly detection reports every five minutes, CodeGuru Profiler automatically detects anomalies in the performance of crucial methods in the application stack that start using more CPU or exhibit increasing latency. This early identification and notification stop the problem from spreading to the production environment and gives you ample time to address it before it affects the service’s availability and your customers’ experience.
    • How to catch your most expensive line of code: Your code and application will be less expensive to run the more efficient they are. You may cut operational costs for any application that is currently running in production by up to 50% with the help of CodeGuru Profiler, which offers visualizations and suggestions on how to address performance concerns. Additionally, it displays the anticipated cost of executing inefficient code so that developers can set priorities for correction.


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