Blackboard | Changing Course Entry Point

| By Webner

Blackboard LMS allows us to change the “course entry point” for Blackboard.
We can set up Blackboard so that user always go to the specific section of Course page when they enter the course. The default course entry page is termed as Home Page for the course.


1. Go to the course in Blackboard you want to modify.
2. In the Control Panel, click Customization.
3. Click Teaching Style.
4. Under Select Course Entry Point section of the Teaching Style customization page, select preferred course Entry Point from the drop-down list. The options listed here will vary depending on what content areas we have created for the course.
5. Click Submit when finished. The next time when user will login to this course, they will see the content area we have selected above, rather than the default content area (Home Page).

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