Salesforce | Search Layout Section For Newly Created Objects

| By Webner

On creation of the new custom object, you will see search layout section on custom object detail page. Using Winter 16 Release, this section is not there, as in winter 16, search layout section is not enabled automatically.

Allow Search Features:

1. You can disable or enable search layout for a particular custom object using “ALLOW SEARCH ”.

2. Improve performance of global search/Side search by excluding unnecessary custom objects from search results.

3. User can enable this feature according to the need.

Following are the steps to enable or disable search layout for the object:

1. Click on the Setup.

2. Open your custom objects under the Create–>objects.

3. Open the custom object for which you want to enable.

4. Goto Search Status and select allow the search to enable or deselect to disable.

5. Go and observe the Search Layouts section in object detail page:

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