Adobe Captivate | How to Publish the project for an LMS

| By Webner

These are the steps to publish a project created in Adobe Captivate for a Learning Management System like Moodle, Totara or Blackboard:

1. Open your Adobe Captivate project.
2. Select File > Publish.
3. In the Publish as drop-down, select HTML5/SWF (project file will be exported in the form of HTML/Flash files).
4. In Project Title enter name of the output .swf file but do not enter the extension.
5. In the Folder text box, enter the full path of the folder in which to save the output file.
6. By default, Zip Files is selected as the output option. Adobe Captivate packages the course into a PIF (program information file) by creating a ZIP file containing the Flash (SWF) file and the HTML file.
7. Click Publish.
8. After publishing the project, We can upload the ZIP file to our LMS.

Below is the screenshot of Publishing to an LMS:

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