Adobe Captivate | How to add quiz questions into question pool

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Adobe Captivate is a tool which helps in creating attractive E-learning content such as courses and quizzes. One of the most useful feature that Adobe captivate provides to its user is question pool. Quiz questions can be added to question pools and these question pools can be used to create new quizzes. It saves the time of user of re-write the same questions again.

Steps to create question pool in Adobe Captivate 9:

1.  Go to Quiz and click on Question Pool Manager
The following screen will appear. Click on the “ + “ sign as shown in the image:


2. New pool will be created with named ‘ Pool2” . Pool name can be changed by user:


3. Click on close icon.

Adding questions to Question Pool:


4.  Go to the quiz you have created.

5.  Select the questions you want to add to newly created question pool as shown below.

Questions are added successfully. To view the questions in question pool, go to Quiz and click on Question Pool Manager:


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