6 SEO Strategies for your Website

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Latest 6 SEO strategies for your Website

The search engine is important for website’s ranking, domain authority and page rank. Google algorithm changes on frequent basis therefore the webmaster needs to change strategies for website. Restraining yourself with basic SEO optimizations may not procure benefits, you need to attempt every single technique for off page SEO that is possible.

1. Accelerated Mobile Page
Accelerated Mobile Page

Between 18 to 45 years of age individuals utilize cell phones for everyday exercises, and 57% of web traffic happens on mobile devices. In 2018 Google announced that page speed will also be considered as ranking factor for mobile results. In this context, the Google is making its AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) technology more interesting by virtue of which the page will load faster, hence the lower bounce rate and higher conversion rates would be beneficial for SEO. So focus on faster responsive pages for mobile can payoff.

2. Voice Search
Voice Search

Around 60% of smartphone users use Voice search for their online queries and about 20-30% search queries are done by voice search. So this trend of voice search will change how we create content according to a keyword. Website content needs to be created with phrases that are most naturally used in voice search. People usually ask questions when, where, how etc. If you don’t have content like this then it needs to be adapted according to user’s voice search queries.

3. Snippets
markup snippet

Rich snippets are additional pieces of information used to enhance the searcher’s understanding and value of that page. Quick answers snippets are becoming popular in 2018 so applying extended snippets will increase the chances of conversion. It has been observed that search results with rich snippets will receive more clicks and have a higher CTR rate which in turn increases web traffic and sales.

4. Visual content
Visual content

Visual content is important for your website, today a user is more attracted towards visual content than the actual content. The Internet is becoming visually oriented, all leading organization like Google, Pinterest are developing more visual content for the audience.
In 2018, SEO Strategy would focus on how we add visual content to our text content for search engines and make use of the changing habits of a search engine.

5. Secure HTTPS protocol
Secure HTTPS protocol

HTTPS protocol on your website is very important. Sites that work on HTTP protocol can be tagged as unsafe and may get dropped in the search results by Google. When a visitor sees your site in the search results, they see a secure site as a sign of trusted authority so the user will prefer to click your site over a non-secure site.

6. Content marketing
Earlier the SEO strategy was about backlinks, and keywords. Now SEO is changing. We need to have both quality and quantity of content. That means more content you create with the focused keywords the better will be the results.

The way search engine and social media works, the best performing content gets ranked above in SERPs. So the mediocre content has no chance to catch up with quality content. And the reasons are pretty obvious from the way search engine and social media algorithms work. It’s the best performing content (with the highest engagement rate) that is pushed higher in SERPs and in news feeds.

Hope focusing on these strategies will help you achieve better SEO. Write to us today at info@webners.com for professional help from us for higher ranking in google.

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