Few key points for good SEO revisited

| By Webner

There are number of things that you should follow to improve SEO for your web pages and site ranking, some of which are listed below for a sample webpage that covers Tutorial for Javascript:

1. Make a separate page which includes the searched keyword. In our case “Tutorial for javascript” and length of that page should be more than 300 words.

2. Try to insert the Keyword text (“Tutorial for javascript”) in the URL for example: www.learnforgrow.com/computerCourses/javascriptTutorial

3. Try to use the keyword (“Tutorial for Javascript”) in the h1 and h2 tag of Html. But do not use h1 tag more than once in single page. You can use h2 tag 2 to 3 times.

4. Try to use the keyword (“Tutorial for Javascript”) in the title tag.

5. Try to use the keyword (“Tutorial for Javascript”) in the first paragraph or in first 100 words of the page or also at the end of the page.

6. Try to highlight the keyword (“Tutorial for Javascript”) with bold, italic or underline.

7. If you are using some images in your page then you should include that keyword in the alt property of the image tag i.e but do not use the same keyword in different images within the page

8. Include canonical URL with canonical tag.

9 Try to use the keyword in meta tag.

for example:
<meta name=”description” content=”JavaScript for beginners” />
<meta name=”keyword” content=”JavaScript Tutorial” />

10. The most important thing is that your keyword density should be 2-3% of the total content otherwise there are higher chances of penalty by google for your webpage.

For example:
if your page content is of 1000 words then you can use the 20-30 words to denote the keyword.

11. Link building also plays very important role in SEO. To improve your site’s link building you should talk with different site owners who can include your site links in their site. We have to use the internal links also that helps to elaborate and explain the content more accurately.

12. Use the common Keywords on which users usually search.

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