SEO tools | 10 free and useful Search engine optimization tools

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How can we work efficiently with SEO?

SEO tools play an important role in search engine optimization. These tools provide advanced technical ideas about how do we improve the SEO rankings. There are some Search engine optimization tools for this purpose which are as follows:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Pagespeed Insights is a tool that allows you to check speed and usability of your website.
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This tool is used to test the loading speed and performance of your site on different devices. This tool gives the performance report of a website on the desktop as well as on mobile. Google offers this free tool to find out what you have to fix in your site for performance if applicable.


This keyword tool is best to substitute for Google Keyword Planner.
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It gives 500+ long tail keyword ideas on the basis of the single keyword. Enter any keyword and it will provide a handful of long tail keywords in alphabetical order. This free tool helps in creating suitable keywords for the site. We can plan keywords easily with the help of this tool.

3. Google Analytics

This tool gives complete website Stats and insights for search engine optimization.
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Google Analytics is a free tool which helps us to track website traffic on daily basis. It tracks where you traffic coming from (city, country), which age group of people is visiting and how many users are visiting the site. We call this tool as traffic analyzer which analyses the traffic on weekly, monthly and per day basis.

4. Google Webmaster Tools

This tool gives us website indexing and error reports.
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Webmaster tool helps you to understand how Google search engine will rank your website. If your website has any errors, indexing issues etc it will alert you.This tool tells us about google indexing of the pages.

5. Open Site Explorer

Complete backlink analysis for your site.
SEO tools

This tool is used to analyze the backlinks (external-links coming from another site). The free version of open site explorer gives you all the important links coming to your website and most linked to other web pages. Backlinks count has an important role in search engine optimization.

6. SimilarWeb

This tool is used for Competitor site analysis. This tool helps us in tracking the traffic of any competitor website. We can track their traffic and their Google rankings by using this tool.

7. SERPs Rank Checker

This tools checks Website is ranking for certain keywords in search engine.

You can run this tool in two ways:- First by just input the keyword and check your website ranking from top to bottom. Secondly, input both keyword and website domain and see where your website ranks.

8. XML Sitemaps

This tool is used to create a Sitemap
SEO tools

Add your website domain and some additional parameters, and XML sitemaps will create a Sitemap that you can upload to google webmaster tool.

9. SEO Site Checkup

This tool is used for Website audit and for checking the health score of your website
SEO tools

Site checkup checks proper Title, Header and alt tags, microdata, schema tags, site performance, Keywords, social popularity etc. It gives a valid audit report along with warnings and errors.

10. Copyscape

This tool is used for Duplicate content Checking

Enter your domain address and Copyscape checks the duplicity of content from any other website. This tool checks that site has a copyright content or not.

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