Zoho CRM | How to hide some account records from view

| By Webner

Zoho does not provide any direct mechanism to hide or unhide account information of any user. However, we have an alternative solution for this problem. We can use a listview to solve this problem. The List view can be used to customize records to show in Zoho.

For example:
Suppose I want a list of accounts with billing country India.

We can create a view by using these steps.

1. Click on account module in Zoho.

2. Click on view edit on left side and click on Create View like in below image:
Note: In above image, david and Kunal have billing country Australia and India respectively.

3. A New pop up screen will be shown. Here we will give the name to the view and specify criteria as billing country is India and click on save:
4. Now Select Indian account in the view. We will see only one account whose billing country is India:

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