Zoho CRM Editions and Limitations

Zoho CRM is available in many editions and each edition has different set of features.  In this article we are trying to cover each edition and list corresponding key limitations. At the end we also provide a table that comprehensively covers all the features and limitations at this time for different Zoho licenses.

Free Edition

One recent welcome change in the free edition of Zoho CRM is that earlier it allowed only 3 Zoho user accounts to be created but on the 10th anniversary of company,  Zoho increased the number to 10 users.

Free Edition Limitations
  • You cannot have more than 10 user accounts.
  • There are no Social Tabs – Capturing Leads from Facebook/Twitter, Social interaction with Leads/Contacts etc. are not possible
  • There is no provision for Sales Forecasting which means that predicting future sales has to be done manually.
  • There is no provision for advanced  analytics such as Customizing Reports, Scheduling Reports
  • There is no provision for Standard Dashboards, Additional Storage, Monthly Data Backup
  • Zoho CRM Free edition does not allow creating Custom Fields or Custom links
  • Max storage of 1Gb/Organization
  • You cannot send mass email to your contacts which means you will have to send email to your contacts one by one. no marketing campaigns, No Auto-responders, No Customer support, No Inventory Management, No Web to Case Form.
Standard Edition

Monthly Pricing (billed annually)- $12 /user /month

Monthly Pricing (billed monthly-  $15 /user /month

Important upgrades over the free edition
  • Sales forecasting
  • Groups for team collaborations
  • Mass Email, Marketing campaign
  • Custom Reports, Schedule Reports, Standard Dashboard, Custom Dashboard
  • Web Forms Notify Owner
  • Free storage/User License – 512 MB, Additional Storage- $4/Month/5GB
  • Security Administration – Groups
  • Product Customization – Custom fields
  • Integration with Google Apps – Synchronize Google Calendar,Synchronize Google Contact
Standard Edition Limitations
  • No Custom Links, Custom Functions or Custom Buttons
  • Max 250 mass emails per day
  • There is no provision for Web to Case Form, De-duplicate data or Field Level Security
  • You cannot create Assignment Rules, Webhooks, Approval Process,  Workflow Updates or Custom functions using Deluge Scripts
  • No Integration with Zoho Mail Add On, Zoho Writer Add On or Zoho Invoice/Books Integration
  • There are no Plugin for Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office
Professional Edition

Monthly Pricing (billed annually)- $20 /user /month

Monthly Pricing (billed monthly)-  $25 /user /month

Important upgrades over the Standard Edition

The most important features in this edition as compared to standard edition are Customer Support, Inventory Management and Zoho PhoneBridge for Call Centers. Other features are listed below:

  • BCC dropbox for Email, Macros
  • Social Tab, Capture Leads from Twitter/Facebook, Social Interaction with leads/Contacts
  • De-Duplicate Data
  • Field Level Security
  • Custom Links (10 per module)
  • Assignment Rules, Webhooks, Workflow Field Updates
  • Zoho Mail Add-on, Zoho Writer Add-on, Zoho Invoice/Books Integration, Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, Plugin for Microsoft Office
Professional Edition Limitations
  • No Custom related lists, custom buttons, custom functions, web tabs, group tabs or custom modules
  • No Zoho Creator integration
  • No time based actions
  • No Territory support, Forecasts Based on Territories
  • No Multiple Currencies
  • Max 500 mass emails per day
  • No Group Tabs or Custom Modules
Enterprise Edition

Monthly Pricing (billed annually)- $35 /user /month

Monthly Pricing (billed monthly)-  $40 /user /month

Important upgrades over the Professional edition
  • Multiple Currencies, Contextual Custom Related List
  • Auto-Responders,  Zoho CRM for Google Adwords
  • Territory Management
  • Web Tabs, Tab Groups, Custom Modules
  • Custom Functions using Deluge Scripts, Time-based Actions, Automated Pulse follow-ups, Case Escalation rules
  • Integration with Zoho Creator
Enterprise Edition Limitations
  • Maximum 1000 mass emails per day
  • File storage of max 1Gb per user license
  • Maximum 5000 records/batch for data import
  • While exporting data there is limitation of 3000 records/module
  • Data backup is $10 /request
  • Maximum 10 custom links/module
  • Maximum 5 custom modules
  • Maximum 3 custom related lists/module
Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus is combo package of 8 different services of Zoho which are

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Projects
  • Zoho Reports
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Zoho SalesIQ
  • Zoho Social
  • Zoho Support
  • Zoho Survey

Company claims that it is the best edition that they have ever released.


Monthly Pricing (billed annually)- $50 /user /month

Monthly Pricing (billed monthly-  $60 /user /month

Zoho CRM app for iPhone, Android

Zoho CRM can be accessed and managed from mobile phone as well. The official Zoho CRM App can be downloaded to any iPhone/Android enabled device with good internet connection and the user just needs to sign in to app using his/her login ID and password. After the successful login into Zoho CRM app, all the ongoing  business activity is available to the user. In other words, you will be available 24/7 and you can respond to customer’s query more quickly. This is beneficial for those people who are not able to get direct access to a PC/Laptop,  people who have to travel from one place to another or people who want to track their business activity anywhere and anytime.

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