Why Sublime Text is gaining popularity?

| By Webner

Why Sublime Text is gaining popularity over other editors?

Sublime has been the undeniable text editor champion now a days. As the most important and closest thing to a developer is the text editor of their choice and this editor has make a real dent on the developer community.

Why is it gaining popularity

1. Setting up: Sublime is cross platform and available for Linux, Windows and Mac. You just have to install your required modules or packages to make it work the way you want it.
2. Performance: Developers don’t want to deal with lag when writing code. Unlike other editors, this is superfast, stable and solid text editor and developer will never feel any lag on sublime text, no matter how many files are open at the same time.
3. Shortcuts and functionality: It has a ton of shortcuts and functionality to make your work done faster. You just need to install third-party packages according to your needs. You can add your own custom shortcuts.
Syntax highlighting: Pleasant looking syntax highlighting makes us really happy and since my technology list will grow in time, I want an editor that will grow with me when it comes to supporting different file types.

There are a lot of little things you take for granted but when you step back and think about them, you only then realize how useful they are. A lot of little things I love about sublime-

  • Sublime opens in less than a second, it feels nearly instant.
  • It provides autocomplete feature.
  • Markdown support.
  • Selecting a word highlights every instance of that word in the buffer
  • Fixing a spelling mistake is 1 right click away from being fixed
  • Interacting with multiple split panes feels intuitive and good
  • CTRL+P (enough said!)
  • Power to control aspects such as “save on lost focus”, “trim whitespace” and more is available.
  • Opening, closing, searching, etc is very smooth and fast.

Final Verdict– In the end I must say that Sublime Text is an awesome text editor with a ton of features and third-party packages to make your development life easier. Also when it comes to the load taking ability, Sublime Text can take a lot more load than any other editor I have used so far. One thing that I love most about sublime text is the feature that when you open sublime text, you will see your files exactly the way you left for the last time, regardless of whether or not you have saved them.

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