Eclipse Tricks and shortcuts

Author - Preeti Bisht

Eclipse Tricks and shortcuts for developers

1. All shortcut keys

To get the list of all shortcuts for Eclipse Press Ctrl + Shift + L. It will open a list of all short key

2. Check where a class or method in the project

There is a quick way to find where a class or method is used in the project. This can be done by: Select class/method > right click > References > Project . It will display the results in Search view.

3. Create your own shortcuts

You can create own shortcuts by binding the commands with the desired functionality. This can be done as: Open Windows->Preferences->General->Keys. you can use the filter to find your shortcut and change its binding.

4. More clipboard

It is a very useful eclipse plugin that keeps track of the latest entries copied/cut into clipboard buffer and allows quick pasting from the popup list by pressing a hotkey(ctrl+shift+v).
It shows the result as follows:

5. White spaces

Adding white spaces into you files ensures there is no unnecessary space in between the code. You can add it as follows:

Search white space from the quickbar. click on Show whitespace

6. Theme Change

You can change the theme in the eclipse according to your own requirement as:

Open Windows->Preferences->General->appearance.

The following screen will appear where you can change the theme:

7.  Important Shortcuts:

Following are the useful shortcut keys for eclipse:

=> Ctrl+I Formatting/Indenting the code
=>Ctrl+Shift+_ compare file with itself.
=>Ctrl+o List all the functions present in file.
=>Ctrl+/ collapse all functions present in file.

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