What does Guest Liability mean in Insurance?

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Guest liability is an add-on coverage taken by the owner of a home in their insurance policy that will cover the medical expenses incurred on guests on your property when the guest accidentally got injured. This type of coverage can help the homeowner to cover expenses regardless of liability. Basically, it’s coverage for the medical costs if any guest doesn’t live in your home and gets injured on your home premises.

Why the Guest Liability coverage required

So whenever any accidents happen at your home, it’s important to know whether your assets are covered by your insurer. A question arises why there is a need to know your home insurance coverage. It happens when any guest visits your home, and that guest gets hurt, not the owner of the home. So there is a certain type of coverage that specifically covers this kind of situation where the guest’s medical liability is covered under the house owner’s Insurance policy.

What does guest liability cover?

Suppose a friend visits your house and while they’re there, they slip and fall, and injure their head. It’s a very panicked scenario, but it’s common. And in this situation, you may want to know what my homeowner’s insurance policy covers for this type of emergency.

It could incur costly medical bills, regardless of whose fault is there whether your stairs or the careless guest. But these medical expenses can be covered by guest medical protection.
Some of the common medical expenses that can be covered like teeth break x-rays, minor surgery, stitches, first-aid hospital visits, etc.

The Guest medical liability often has rather low limits and is meant for minor medical issues, whether it was truly an accident or otherwise. Policyholders can select the limit while choosing the coverage as a rider on your policy.

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