Tomcat version 8 not visible in Eclipse

| By Webner

Solution: Follow below-mentioned steps and you will get Tomcat version 8 working in Eclipse:

1. Download the latest Eclipse from the official site, preferable version Mars.

2. Do eclipse installation as you did earlier or just extract it in /opt.

3. Now when you go for creating a Tomcat 8 server and don’t have that option in Eclipse.

4. Close Eclipse.

5. Download the latest Web Tools Platform from the Eclipse WTP Downloads page:

Link to download

There might be more latest versions than this 3.6, but I recommend to go for 3.6 only, so scroll down the WebTools Downloads page until you locate it with the built name (3.6.0M7).

6. On the WebTools 3.6 page, scroll to Traditional Zip Files and “Web App Developers” for the non-SDK package ZIP and download “wtp4x”.

7. Extract the in eclipse folder that will replace corresponding files in Plugins and Features directories.

8. Now open Eclipse again and Add a new server with selection Apache Tomcat v8.0.

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