Tips about time management when you have a lot to do at work

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A stitch in time saves nine

This famous proverb holds absolutely true when it comes to software developers for we waste a lot of time in correcting things which show up because of lack of time as we have to manage so many things in short time mostly.

So here are few tips and tricks to manage your time when you have a lots of work :

1. Avoid procrastination:

It is the most important key factor of managing your time. Never delay something for tomorrow if it can be done today for even tomorrow you will have to do this with other work. Procrastination is what causes the work to bundle up and causes us to miss out on achieving our goals.

2. Set personal goals daily:

In Spite of looking for the exact time you are supposed to finish some work, set some personal goals on how much of the work you are supposed to be doing on daily basis or how much time to spend on each task.

3. Focus on your work:

The main cause of not being able to meet the deadline is wastage of time. Avoid wasting time on unnecessary things to manage your tasks. The less the time wasted the more we will have to manage the work that is being assigned.

4. Prioritise Work (Work Smart):

When there is lot of work, most of the people try to be done with the tasks which are easy so as to finish them soon but in most cases it will make you unable to deliver on time because of shortage of time for complex tasks. So work on higher priority tasks first to manage all your tasks. Yes hard work pays in long run but smart work is what is the need of hour. To manage so much of work within a limited time you need to act smarter so as to reach your goals on time.

5. Take Help:

It is brave to take challenges and try doing things by your own but sometimes it lands you in trouble for it can take a lot more of time than expected. So, we should never be too proud to take help. It is always a good thing to take help from others as it can save a lot of your time.

6. Quality over quantity:

Just to finish the work on time, the most common thing that people do is just finish the work so as to make it able to work and do not pay attention to the quality and this should be avoided as much as possible for it just makes you fall back to it again sooner or later. Hence it can result in spending much more time again on correcting and improving the quality.

7. Don’t Stress out:

It is normal to get stressed out when there is so much of work on your plate but stressing over will just reduce your thinking capability, you can never think clearly when you are stressed. It will just lead to wastage of more of your valuable time.

8. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much:

This is what teamwork is, we should always divide the work. If you have so much of work to do, divide it among your team members, discuss task priorities and work accordingly. This will be a great help in meeting the deadline.

9. Relax Rejuvenate:

when you have lot of work to do, you cannot afford to waste time but this is also true that your best ideas come to you when you are relaxed. So, take small breaks in between to relax and rejuvenate yourself to work more efficiently.

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