Test cases generation and bug report generation in salesforce

Author - Piyush

In case you would like to create test cases or record bugs inside Salesforce you can create custom objects for this.

Steps for test cases object creation:

Select->Setup->create object->new custom object

Then we can add custom fields and relationships or the validation rules and much more according to the requirement of the project. It will look like this:
Similarly create custom object for bug report. Also create custom fields, relationships and validation rules as required. It is an alternate for test case generation and bugs generation in excel sheets.

The test case report and bug report containing various custom fields, relationships and validation rules are shown below:

Test case report:
nothing will happen like this nothing will happen like this.

Bug report:
We can test various component of a site and store the test cases and bugs related to that component under test case and bug report object.

The image below is an example of a component i.e. login screen. Test case scenarios and bugs related to this component can be stored and linked to this component.

A component of bugs and test cases:

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